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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Linus Roadster 8

Linus Roadster 8 and Linus Mixte 8. Credit:
In that first post, that manifesto, I expressed a yearning for "bikes with function and style." Linus has answered the call.

Linus based its designs on French bicycles of the 1950's and 60's. They are simple and utilitarian, but what makes them stand out is that they are elegant.  Tom wrote about Linus in this 2010 post. He noted that the "sweetheart of the bunch is the mixte," which at the time was not available as an 8-speed. Now it is (I did an update on the Roadster 8 in 2011).

I should also point out that Linus does mixtes the right way, perhaps due to that French influence. The Linus mixte meets Sheldon Brown's definition of the term.

Honorable Mention: Public Bikes. Also striving for elegant and utilitarian.

Monday, October 21, 2013

#1 Rebecca's Stable

Here it is -- the first submission in response to our request to see your bikes!  (Although maybe Tom's posts on his Torker Cargo-T and his Handsome Devil should count as #1 and #2? )

Here's Rebecca with the scoop on her bikes:

I have three in my "stable" at the moment.

1. 1970s Motobecane; it is rideable, but needs work. I love mixte frames, though find them impractical in dressier clothes due to very short legs. Road bike option. 

2. 1990s Trek with Rock Shox. In fantastic shape, though there is a crack in the Shox. MTB option.

3. 2013 Linus Dutchi-3. This is my everyday "commuter". I am considering adding gears (3-speed) because my commute is hillier than anticipated and I often wish for additional gears.

My goal is to make each a commuting option (via back rack and fenders), but my attention is focused on getting the Linus into prime commuting shape by addressing gearing issues.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Linus Scout

The Linus Scout. Also available in navy blue. Credit: Linus bikes
Linus offers this steel 7-speed for $545.

Linus calls this "the bike for everyone."  I prefer the phrase "bike for the rest of us," but certainly this is the bike for everyone seeking a comfortable upright ride with fenders, a chainguard, and a decent gear selection.  This looks like an update of Linus' Duchi 3-speed model, with some nice touches like double-walled rims, leather grips, and a bell.

Here are the specs:

  • Durable Hi Tensile steel frame with Chromoly down tube

  • Shimano Acera 7 speed derailleur w/ MegaRange cassette

  • Tektro dual pivot caliper brakes

  • Forged aluminum crank

  • Chainguard w/ enclosed crank

  • Double wall alloy rims with stain-less steel spokes

  • Linus Elysian tires w/ gum wall

  • Genuine leather grips

  • Mid-century alloy bell

  •  Available in 48 cm with 26" wheels or 56 cm with 700c wheels
  • Friday, March 15, 2013

    Linus Kids Bikes

    Awww...  Photo by Kat Borchart. Courtesy: Linus Bikes
    Linus is now offering kids bikes: The Lil' Dutchie in red and the Lil' Roadster in Metallic Blue.

    Click for big.

    We've discussed Linus quite a bit in previous posts.  The Linus 2013 catalog is out and features lots of pretty pictures by Kat Borchart.  Well done.

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Linus Bags

    While we're on the topic of Linus, did you know they also have a chic line of bike bags? 

    This is from their 2011 catalogue:

    From the 2011 Linus Catalogue. Click for big. Courtesy Linus Bikes.

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Linus Roadster 8

    Linus Roadster 8. Courtesy Linus Bikes.
    Linus Bikes has added this 8-speed roadster to its lineup up of simple and elegant bikes inspired by the French bicycle designs of the '50s and '60s (see our previous post about Linus here).

    Full specs from the 2011 Linus Catalogue. Click for big. Courtesy Linus Bikes

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    Linus Bikes

    Linus makes simple city bikes with 1950s-60s French styling cues. The "bikes as transportation" message on their website makes me smile.
    "In most urban cultures bicycles are viewed as legitimate transportation and not merely recreation, but sadly this idea never really caught on in the US. We take numerous little journeys, under 5 miles, as part of our everyday life…. to the store, the pub, to work, etc. Besides the obvious joy of riding a bicycle, these small bicycle trips reduce carbon emissions, congestion, noise pollution, and make for a happier, city experience."
    The Linus model line-up includes three steel-framed styles in limited sizes that provide an upright riding position. You'll find a mix of 1-speed and three speeds on the Roadster and Dutchi (step through) models. The three speed models come with a rear rack (not shown on photos) and color-matched fenders. The sweetheart of the bunch is the Mixte, which comes only in a 3-speed. I would have liked to see a full chainguard, but the ring-type guard looks pretty sharp (the Dutchi comes with a partial P-shaped guard).

    At less than $600 these bikes have a great look for the price, complete with a stem-mounted bell. With some models at sub-$400 I'm sure you're sacrificing some quality somewhere (bottom bracket, brakes, cranks, stem, perhaps?). If I get a chance to visit their shop in Venice I'll post some more about it. If anyone has seen these in the wild we'd like to hear from you.

    You can find Linus Bicycles at limited dealers in the US or at their home location in Venice, CA.

    Roadster Classic (1-speed):

    Roaster Sport (3-speed):
    Duchi (3-speed shown):
    Mixte (3-speed):

    Photo Credit: Mixte photo at top via Calhoun Cycle on Flickr