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Friday, April 11, 2014

Xtracycle Edgerunner

Xtracycle Edgerunner 27D Lux XO

Continuing our overview of cargo bike options, the relatively new Edgerunner is a Longtail cargo bike from Xtracycle.

Xtracycle founded the current Longtail cargo bike craze, with their FreeRadical. This frame extender attached to a standard bike, converting it to a longtail. An ecosystem of accessories, bags, decks, lights and kickstands was developed around this standard, which Yuba later adopted for their Mundo bike, as have some other manufacturers. Now Xtracycle is making their own complete bike, the Edgerunner. 

The 27D Lux features fenders, a double kickstand, disc brakes, a front dynamo hub and high-end dynamo-powered lights. It has a 3-speed front and 9-speed rear derailleur, for a wide range of gears. 
It uses a smaller, 20 inch rear wheel to keep the center of gravity lower. This make it easier for kids to mount the bike by themselves, and improves handling with carrying heavy loads. It also lowers the effective gearing, which will be a big help when hauling 2 kids and a week of groceries.

Options include huge cargo bags for the rear rack, rails for kids to hold, toddler seats, hydraulic instead of mechanical disc brakes, internal gear hub, and electric assist with the BionX system. The price can vary from $1500 for the basic 24D, to $2500 for a special version with Alfine 8-speed hub at Splendid Cycles, to $2900 for the 27D lux with dynamo lighting and high-end derailers. E-assist is $1000 extra.
Edgerunner Electric 24D Family


Specifications: (24D Family)
Frame & Fork

Front Rotor
Rear Rotor
Brake Levers

Shifters & 
Bottom Bracket

Front Hub
Rear Hub
Front Rim
Rear Rim
Front Tire
Rear Tire

Seat Collar


Front Light
Rear Light

100% Chromoly
Black, White, Blue, or Orange + clear coat
Avid BB5
Avid FR5
FSA Mallet
31.8 clamp alloy
65mm ext (16.5”)
95mm ext (19”)
Velo Duracork
Acera 8s
Altus 8s 170mm
Steel 48-38-28
JIS - 68 x 125mm
Acera 11-34 t
KMC Z72 8-sp
Sealed Bearing 36h
Sealed Bearing 36h
36h Double Wall
36h Double Wall
14g Stainless
Schwalbe Big Ben 2.35
Schwalbe Big Ben 2.15
34.9 alloy allen
31.6, 300mm (16.5”)
31.6, 400mm (19”)
Resin, Cromoly Axle
Alloy black
Optional Luxos U
Optional B & M Std.
Optional Upgrade

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#7 Angus's Old Bikes

A vintage Repco Monaco road bike. Repco is one of the oldest bicycle companies in Australia. All photos courtesy Angus.

Angus added extra passenger and cargo room with an xtracycle.

Ricardo mixte, circa 1970s. 


Thanks for the great blog!

I think you should put more emphasis on second hand and recycled bikes. I think the quality of old bikes is much better than new.

Attached are three of the bikes we use. The first is an xtracycle-equipped recycled bike I bought from

It has a recycled frame, but new wheels. The brakes are some old Magura hydraulics I salvaged, and the pedals are from a 70s Ricardo mixte we have. I bought the child seats second hand, sawed off the bottoms, and screwed them to the platform. Very solid and a great bike! I bought the xtracycle attached to a different (but still excellent) bike for AU$350.

 The second bike is my wife's favourite. It was $10 second hand, and all I've done to it is attach flat handle bars, racks and clipless pedals. Its gear shifting is something to behold, and puts my LX-equipped mountain bike to shame.

The Ricardo mixte cost AU$75, and it needs nothing doing to it -- fantastic riding condition.

There are so many fantastic bikes in people's garages gathering dust. often, they're better than what can be bought in the shops today...

Cheers, Angus

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Tale of Two Longtails

I had the opportunity to ride two longtail cargo bikes that are both compatible with the Xtracycle standard and both less than $1000. Longtails have an stretched frame to handle huge loads behind the rider.  

The Sun Atlas Cargo is a purpose built longtail like the Surly Big Dummy or the Yuba Mundo.   The Altas Cargo falls below both of these bikes in price while keeping a funky Mixte-Kruisframe geometry and comfortable ride.   

Sun rates the cargo capacity at 400 lbs and the bike feels solid with rails with frame ports to accept Xtracycle accessories.   The 2.1-inch wide tires and BMX bars provide an upright, relaxed ride. 

Most of the time when I ride one-size-fits all bikes I find the reach to be too short, but the Atlas Cargo is surprisingly comfortable reach.  If the Yuba is like riding a pickup truck then the Atlas Cargo is more like an old Jeep Scrambler.   The BMX bars can be rotated to adjust the reach as well. 

The Sun Atlas Cargo was priced at $600 at Bikes@Vienna.  How can they offer it so cheap?  Look at the component list --lots of bottom of the barrel stuff here.  But hey, you can upgrade as things wear out.  The frame is solid and ready to carry whatever you can throw at it.

No one will argue that longtails are not incredibly useful as car replacements.  Storing them is another matter.   It's tough to haul them up stairs or squeeze them into a shed.   Even taking them for a ride in the car is tough. 

Xtracycle teamed up with Tern to offer the Cargo Joe, a folding longtail.   This a great idea who's time has come.   The Tern platform as 26-inch wheels and 21 speeds and comes in two frame sizes.  The Xtracycle bits are a FreeRadical, a HDPE Flightdeck and Freeloader bag set.  You get it all for $1000, which is not bad at all.  At some point down the road you could still repurpose the FreeRadical on an old hardtail mountain bike still have a nice folding bike. 

I felt a little cramped on the Cargo Joe, but I'm not sure what frame size I was riding, I realized.  Like most folding bikes, they adjust easily to fit most riders.  It felt a lot shorter and quicker than the Atlas Cargo, but a bit more flexy with it's higher pressure tires.  Of course the real trick is that you can fold it in half and shove it in the shed or minivan without sacrificing utility.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Roundup

Here's a roundup of some items that might be of interest to the BFROU crowd:

An Xtracycle does winter delivery duty in the snow (Old Spokes Home)

An overview of 12 bikes to replace your car found on Lighter Footstep

Something I wish I would have done on New Years Day, a cargo bike meet-up (via Kent's Bike Blog)

An installment of Bike mechanic Q and A in NYC (NY Times, tweeted by @BoweryLaneBikes)

Bike Geek has some thoughts about elevation profiles on his second ever bike tour

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Xtracycle Radish

If you're looking for a perky radish, you can't go wrong with the one in Henri Rousseau's Pink Candle (see above), but since you're here at Bikes-For-The-Rest-Of-Us, I have to assume these aren't the droids you're looking for.

How about this Radish, from Xtracycle, One-Of-Our-Favorite-Companies-Ever:
The Radish is Xtracycle's latest creation: a full longtail bike that comes in one box, with everything you need to ride in style. I posted about it previously, but there is some new information from the Xtra-folks. They've designed the frame and chosen the components so that riders of various sizes can be comfortably accommodated with only a change of saddle height, so it's a one-size-fits-most arrangement. (If they're as smart as we think they are, they'll spec a bolted seat-post binder, or a wee cable to keep combat the black-market in seat-posts and saddles.)
The Xtra-folks have also disclosed these not-too-specific specifications:
  • Xtracycle-specific steel frame, mated to a matching Free Radical (powder coated, we assume),
  • Steel fork with V-brake in front,
  • Rear disc brake (cable-actuated, we assume),
  • 7 or 8 gears with "insane" range,
  • Swept-back bars and overall laid-back styling,
  • A good all-around component set (with a freehub and stout wheels, we assume),
  • Fat-G street tires (Schwalbe, we prefer; Kenda, we expect), and
  • Loads of standard accessories, including a chainguard, fenders, and the full Xtracycle longtail kit with Freeloader bags and traditional Snap Deck.
Price tag: $1199.
Radishes are almost available. Get on the Radish mailing list by emailing your contact to . I did.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Raddish

Image: Derek Pearson,

Now, I dunno when this bike will be available, but it's always fun to have a sneak-peak at something cool, and practical (my own bias).
It's a frameset/bike that was designed by or for Xtracycle, and it will be sold, I gather, by Xtracycle. It's called the Raddish, and it looks real nice. 
Bikes?Rubbish! has an unofficial review, but since he's actually working for Xtracycle, I guess it's not really unofficial. Interesting product launch strategy.
Well, X-folks, we're ready and waiting...