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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Biria CitiClassic Series

Biria Classic i3 (top) and Sport i3 (bottom). All photos courtesy:

These 3-speeds from Biria's CitiClassic series go for about $615.

Biria is... different.  Biria produced the only shaft-driven bike that you will find on these pages. The flagship Biria model is the Easy Boarding, which looks like it's half bike, half scooter.  And Biria puts out a road bike with 20" wheels.

A few years ago, however, Biria noticed that American cities were actually putting in bike lanes, so they produced a really nice, functional city bike, which Joseph wrote about here. The CitiClassics are basically the same model, but look at all that sleek nickel chrome.  The CitiClassics come with fenders, chainguards, rear racks, and internal gear hubs.

Here are the specs for the Sport i3:

Chromoly and Hi-ten Steel
Steel Crown
Double wall aluminum
700 x 35
Shimano Nexus 3, free wheel, with grip shifter
Aluminum Tektro Caliper
Fenders, Aluminum rear rack, chain guard, kickstand
Size and Color
46 cm (18"): Nickel Silver
55 cm (21.5"): Nickel Silver

Monday, April 28, 2014

Biria CitiBIKE

Biria CitiBike 700C Step-through 3 Speed - Orange
While priced the similarly to most entry-level hybrids ($545 shipped from an online shop), the Biria CitiBIKE is much more useful, due to the inclusion of a front rack and rear rack, full fenders, a kickstand and a chainguard, with a 3-speed internal gear hub. A 7-speed derailleur version is also available. The components are not the most expensive, but should be reliable if looked over by a quality local bike shop. And the steel frame, especially the step-thru version, has a timeless look, and should last if you don't leave it out all winter.

Like this diamond frame, the step-thru is also available in a lovely sky blue; the fenders are also painted on that model, unlike the silver fenders on the diamond frame model:


Frame:  Hi-ten Steel, with cromoly seat tube
Fork:  Steel Unicrown
Rims:  Aluminum, black with CNC wall, 700c
Tires:  700c x 32 mm, Tan or black
Front Chainrings:  Single
Rear Hub: Shimano 3-speed
Pedals:  Platform
Front & rear Brake:  Alloy V-brakes
Shifter:  Revo Grip Shifter
Handlebar:  Aluminum alloy
Stem:  Aluminum alloy, threadless
Grips:  Brown
Saddle:  Brown cruiser w/ springs (Lady's), Brown unsprung (Men's)
Chainguard:  Chainring only on Men's, partial chainguard and chainring on Lady's
Kickstand:  Yes
Fenders:  Yes; painted metal
Rack:  Front and Rear (Lady's only)
Lights:  No
Colors:  Black, Sky Blue, Dark Green
Sizes:  44cm, 48 cm (step-thru), 46cm, 56cm (diamond)
Lady's Sky Blue - Lovely!
[But note the real bike has linear cantilever brakes, not roller brakes]
We previously mentioned the unusual looking Biria Easy Boarding bike, which is also still available.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Biria Easy Boarding

Biria Easy Boarding Superlight 8

Biria imports reasonably-priced city bikes, designed in Germany and manufactured in East Asia.  This distinctive bike, with a very low, step-through aluminum frame, was one of the first models exported to North America, called the Easy Boarding series.

Through the use of a single, oversized aluminum tube for the front half of the frame, the Easy Boarding bike manages to have a "standover" height of only a few inches. The top of the frame is lower than the pedal in the horizontal position! 

Although not everyone appreciates this distinctive styling, the lack of a high bar, or even a regular "step-over" top tube found in a classic women's frame, means this bike is easy to get started even for people who have difficulty bending their hips or knees. The low frame and adjustable stem make it possible for most people to fit this bike, even though it is comes in only two sizes, though riders who are over 6' may need a taller seatpost and stem

Biria Easy Boarding Top 3

The series includes basic 3-speed "Top 3" for under $500, and the 8-speed "Lite 8" Shimano Nexus hub version for under $750, as well as a top-of-the-line "Superlight 8", which adds a front dynamo hub and a full dynamo-powered light system for about $840, one of the better prices for a bike with these features. There is also "easy 7" Shimano derailler version and a single-speed "cruiser," both under $400, which still include a partial chainguard and rear rack, and an Electric version, with a 3-speed Shimano Nexus rear hub, lithium battery pack, and 220 watt brushless front hub motor

Biria Easy Boarding - Easy 7
The components of the top-of-the-line Superlight 8 are below:


Frame:  Aluminum 7005
Fork:  Hi-Ten unicrown
Rims:  Aluminum, double-wall, 26"
Tires:  26x1.75
Front hub:  Shimano dynamo hub [Superlight 8 only]
Rear hub:  8-speed Shimano Nexus internal gear hub
Shifter:  Shimano nexus twist shifter
Handlebar:  City cruiser [Alloy]
Stem:  Adjustable Aluminum alloy
Grips:  Brown
Pedals:  Platform, rubber
Front & rear Brake:  Linear-pull cantilevers [Rear coaster brake on Top 3 and Cruiser]
Saddle:  Brown, with springs
Chainguard:  Full guard
Kickstand:  Single
Fenders:  Silver
Rack:  Rear alloy rack
Lights:  Front and rear dynamo-powered [Superlight 8 only]
Colors:  Aqua Blue, Black [Superlight 8];
Sizes:  40 cm (15.5"), 46 cm (18")
Weight:  36 lbs [claimed; single-speed is 30 lbs, 3-speed is 31 lbs ]
Biria Easy Boarding Electric

I look on this bike fondly, because it indirectly got me into commuting by bike. My boss bought the Lite 8 after a bike tour in Europe, and started riding it the 4 miles to work. I was shocked to see it in her office, but after hearing her explain how fast and easy it was to ride to work, I decided to try it myself and am now a daily commuter.

We have also previously reviewed two other bikes by Biria: the Newport 3, a shaft-drive 3-speed, and the Classic Dutch (sadly no longer available, though some dealers may have one in stock.)

The Easy Boarding Top 3 was reviewed by Bike Commuters in 2008, and it appears the 2011 model is unchanged.
Ding Ding Let's Ride had a test ride of the Top 3 in August 2010.

Biria Easy Boarding bike at the Grand Canyon

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dutch Bicycles

This week, the New York Times did a fashion piece in which it declared the glossy black Dutch bicycle "the new It object." Although still pretty rare, I am starting to see these on the streets of D.C., and apparently they have become common sights in Manhattan, Seattle, and Portland.

The Dutch Opa pictured above (Oma is the women's step-through model) is sold by the Dutch Bicycle Company in Seattle for $1589. They will ship it anywhere in the continental U.S., and they estimate that it costs between $330-365 to ship an Opa or Oma. According to the New York Times story, the Dutch Bicycle Company will soon open a store in NYC.

Dutch bikes, of course, have both style and function. Fenders, chainguards, rack carriers, headlights and taillights are standard. Here are the specs on the Opa:

Frame: Powder coated, hi-tensile steel, available in 57, 61, & 65 cm sizes

Hub: Shimano Nexus eight-speed, sealed, internally geared hub

Headlight: Shimano Nexus hub mounted dynamo powering headlamp and tail lamp
(no batteries needed - ever) 

Saddle: Brooks model B67, sprung leather

Brakes: Front and rear roller

Accessories: Center stand, fenders, mud flap, cargo rack and pump, rear wheel skirts/spats - spoke guards (keeps your skirt or suit clean), fabric and chrome chaincase cover, integrated rear wheel locking system

By the way, the Dutch Bicycle Company also sells German Velorbis models like the one pictured in the very first post on this blog.

In addition, Biria has come out with a Classic Dutch Series that includes this 21" Classic Dutch Men's:

The specs are similar to the Opa:

Frame: Hi-Ten Steel, 52 cm (21")

Fork: Hi-Ten unicrown

Rims: 28" steel black

Tires: 28x1.50

Gear: 3-speed Shimano Nexus

Brakes: Rear Roller and front v-brake, Alloy

Colors: black, dark red

Standard: full Chain guard, fenders, front and rear lights with generator, kickstand

Finally, don't forget the Dutch and Dutch-style bikes that we've already discussed on this blog, including the Batavus Old Dutch, KHS Green, and Electra Amsterdam.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Biria Newport 3

The Biria Newport is a chainless, shaft-driven bicycle made by Incline for Biria. The shaft is sealed inside an aluminum case along with an internal hub. According to Biria, "this means exceptional performance without chain grime, corrosion, or gear-grinding -- and no maintenance." It also means no chain grease on your clothes as you ride to work, and no pantleg-caught-in-the-drivetrain hazard.

Biria offers two chainless 3-speeds, the Newport 3 and the Cruz 3. Both can be purchased directly from Biria, for a limited time, with free shipping. The Newport is $360 and the Cruz is $430.

A few specs on the Newport 3:

3-spd Sturmey-Archer internal hub
Alloy frame (men's 17" or 19", ladies' 15")
Puncture-resistant tires (manufacturer not identified)
Suspension seatpost
Alloy wheels, stainless steel spokes

If you have any info about the Newport 3, Cruz 3, or chainless bikes in general, please share in the comments.