Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Public Bikes at Kimpton Hotels

An elegant hotel loaner bike. Courtesy: Kimpton Hotels
Two years ago, Kimpton Hotels teamed up with Public Bikes to offer loaner bikes at their hotels.  From a marketing standpoint, this was a win-win for both Kimpton and Public.  But it also has turned out to be another victory for bikesharing.  The best way to see any city is by bicycle, and now Kimpton invites you to do that when you stay at their hotels.

As we've discussed before, Public produces colorful and classy mixtes and diamond frames that come with fenders, chainguards, and rear racks. They look nice lined up at any hotel, and they all but guarantee a memorable experience for any guest who takes them out for a spin.

Here's a youtube video promoting the bikes at the Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton hotel in Washington, D.C. And more marketing:

Borrow a bike while staying at a Kimpton Hotel. Courtesy:

Are any other hotel chains considering this? And if not, why not?


Freddy said...

The Burrard Inn in Vancouver, BC has bikes you can use when you stay there. They're located right next to one of the city's downtown protected bike lanes. They seem to be Brooklyn Bikes.

Anonymous said...

i stayed at a Kimpton in D.C. during Christmas and they had to public's that were in a horrid state of repair. had to take them to a bikeshop just to be serviceable. good idea though.

Anonymous said...

two public's