Simcoe Bicycles

From the top down: Simcoe Step-Through Classic; Simcoe Roadster Signature; Simcoe Roadster Classic; Simcoe Step-Through Signature. All photos courtesy The Toronto-based Simcoe Bicycles makes European-style upright steel bikes that include fenders, chaincases, rear racks, and internal gear hubs. A 7-speed Classic goes for about $900; a 7-speed Signature for around $1100.Simcoe calls itself “the […]

Kona Minute

Kona’s compact cargo bike is ready to haul your stuff. Courtesy: The Kona Minute is an aluminum cargo bike with disc brakes that goes for about $1400.Do you remember when we told you about Yuba‘s Boda Boda?  Basically, Yuba took its full-size cargo bike, the Mundo, and made it more compact so apartment dwellers […]

Swobo Novak

Swobo Novaks are internally geared three-speeds. Photos courtesy: The Swobo Novak is a steel 3-speed with an internal gear hub that costs around $650.We haven’t talked about Swobo since the days of Tim Parr and Sky Yaeger.  If you’re unfamiliar with those names, I’ll wait here while you get acquainted through google.Back in 2008, […]

Another Take On The Disc Brake

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for road usage. Courtesy: Back in 2012, after I noticed a surge in city and road bike models coming out with disc brakes, I offered A Short Take On The Disc Brake describing four situations where disc brakes might be preferable to rim brakes.Over the last three years, Shimano, SRAM […]