Biking Through the Snow

How to make your spirits bright bytransforming yourself into an abominable snow-bicycler by Keith Couture            Winter bicycling? You must be crazy!This is the most common reactionI receive upon telling someone of the joys of winter biking. Iempathize with the viewpoint, I really do. But I’d like to offer tworhetorical counterpoints to this incredulity. […]

Bike Everywhere

by Keith Couture   “There is no worseneurosis than that which derives from a consciousness of guilt and aninability to reform.” – Anthony Burgess        Riding your bike gives youthe ideal pace to observe city life. For instance, I can alwayslinger long enough to read bumper stickers. I read a lotof bumper stickers. Bumper stickers […]

Internal Geared Huhs?

An introduction to the ever-mystifying internal geared hub  by Keith Couture You are biking on a cool, Autumny, but bright day; a perfect day for a ride. You take the route to your favorite flat stretch of road and, feeling inspired, you decide to really push yourself this time(well, more than you usually do anyway). […]