Monday, May 19, 2014

Legacy Rambler

When we last talked about Legacy Frameworks (it was last year), the Chicago framebuilder had put out two thoughtfully designed complete bike models - a diamond frame and a step-through. Now Legacy has refined those models with the Rambler series, which includes a step-through, a diamond frame, and a disc brake model. They go for around $1,750, but you should contact Legacy for details.

Rambler Step-Through.

Rambler Diamond

Rambler diamond with disc brakes. All photos courtesy of Legacy Frameworks.
There are some nice touches here. The following come standard: belt drive, full fenders, drum or disc brakes, rack options, double-walled rims and (are you there Edwin?) hub-generated lighting.

Busch and Muller LED headlight. Taillight also included.
Check out that powder-coated finish. Legacy offers these as singlespeeds or with up to 15 gears with internal gear hubs.

Nice looking bikes, and they're designed, manufactured, and assembled in Chicago.


E Williamson said...

Now we are getting somewhere.... I like these bikes a lot.
What I would REALLY like to see, though, is a Linus/Public/Civia/Brooklyn Cruiser with a dynamo package option for an extra $100. Possible? I am not sure.

Joseph E said...

It SHOULD be possible, E Williamson. I've bought a Taiwanese front wheel with dynamo hub complete for $80, and LED headlights retail for as little as $20, taillights for as low as $10. Linus should be able to acquire these parts for half that price; even with assembly the mark-up would not need to be much more than $100.

Now, the dynamo hubs and lights on the bikes in this post are much nicer brands and would be more expensive.

Rebecca said...

I wish my Linus had come with a dynamo option. They have a dynamo-esque light, but it's battery-operated. I ended up getting a set of Serfas lights that work well, but aren't quite as chic.

Anonymous said...

Nicely equipped bikes, pretty much, what I would love to have, but a bike for 1750$, is hardly "For the rest of us". Kettler is much better offer with more bells and whistles, I think.