#1: Fenders

Fenders keep you clean and dry when the road is muddy or wet.There are 4 main kinds:Painted steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy (painted or polished), and thermoplastic. Steel is least likely to crack, and less likely to dent than aluminum, but risks rusting. Painted steel fenders come with many cheaper bikes, such as beach cruisers, as well […]

BULLITT Cargo Bike

BULLITT Red While a number of North American designers have developed “longtail” cargo bikes, where the kids or freight are carried in back, the Dutch and Danish prefer keeping things up front. LARRY VS HARRY, a shop in Copenhagen, designed the BULLITT to be a relatively light-weight and speedy way to transport cargo and children.Most […]

What makes a Bike For The Rest Of Us?

In a new weekly series, we will be going over the “extra” parts that make a bicycle useful for everyday transportation.1) Fenders2) Chain guard3) Baskets and racks4) Gears5) Lights6) Brakes7) Lock8) Kickstand9) BellOver the next weeks, we will be reviewing these one at a time.

Kinn Cascade Flyer

Kinn is new company with 1 model of family oriented bike in Oregon. The frame, wheels and many other parts are made locally.The Cascade Flyer is part of a new class of bikes called “mid-tails“, shorter and lighter than a “long-tail” cargo bike, such as Yuba Mundo or an Xtracycle, but long enough to carry […]