Saturday, February 1, 2014


A New York City citibike. Credit:
For me, the biggest surprise of the last 6 years was the way that bikeshare took off in the Washington, D.C. region and how it has spread to New York City and other cities in North America. Bikeshare is the ultimate in Bikes For The Rest Of Us.

Here's a must-read: David's post about his father, who had not owned a bike in 37 years, trying bikeshare. With bikeshare, you don't have to own a bike to reap the benefits of bicycling as basic transportation.

Honorable Mention: Folding bikes can be very useful in this age of multimodal transportation. Read Tom's review of his Dahon Eco-3.


New England Bicyclist said...

They aren't great bikes but they are bikes that work, and have 'be seen' lights. Having a couple of bikes didn't stop me from getting a membership in Hubway and using it at work. Nice idea here. Like David's post.

Tom said...

I rode CitiBike for the first time this week on a business trip. I was able to navigate all across the city despite temps in the teens. The process for purchasing a short-term pass could be improved, but overall I was happy with the experience. There is no other way to explore a city than by bike.