Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pick Six

We're coming up on our Sixth Anniversary here at Bikes For The Rest Of Us (you can read our first post here).  To celebrate, we're going to pick the top "Six Outstanding Transportation Bikes" since 2008, i.e., since the inception of Bikes For The Rest Of Us.

To do so, we're going to need your help. You can make your nominations by leaving a comment to this post or by joining the discussion on twitter at hashtag #BFROU. We will publish the Six on our Sixth Anniversary on February 1, 2014!


reverend dick said...

I nominate: whatever you got.

If you don't got nothing, I nominate a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Value and options.

E Williamson said...

Here are 7 I have liked seeing on these pages:
Bianchi Milano – good, rugged 3 or 8 speed city bike in Bianchi’s famous green. Discontinued!
Breezer – whatever model you like, for their lone promotion of dynamo lighting within the American market.
Civia Loring – what a nice city bike in 3 or 8 speed. Step through, practical, good looking, all it needed was dynamo lighting. Discontinued!
KHS Green – Solid 3 speed city commuter. No nonsense, though they have tried to get a bit Linus/Public cuter in the last edition.
Kona Africa Bike. Built to last - 3 speed beater with a super strong integrated rear rack. Discontinued!
Torker Cargo T – burly, practical bike for city living. Discontinued!
Trek Belleville – despite lots of complaints about rattles and cheap parts, this bike came with fenders, racks, lights and dynamo hub for under $650. By an American company!

ret3 said...

The last-generation Novara Fusion was an excellent value: Shimano Alfine 8, fenders, rear rack, dynamo headlight, and mechanical disc brakes for under $1k.

Freewheel said...

Rev Dick - Can't go wrong with an LHT!

E Williamson - Some solid picks. Too bad that "Discontinued!" seems to be the status of all of these models. The Trek Belleview appears to be history as well, unless Trek revives it.

ret3 - It also appears that Novara's Fusion is discontinued(I think its last year was 2012). Do you have one?

ret3 said...

I do indeed; Ivy Mike hauls me to and fro daily.

Anonymous said...

pilen sport 8 speed. an amazing machine