Bike Friday Haul-a-Day

Bike Friday’s answer to the SUV. Photos courtesy of Bike Friday. The Haul-a-Day is a custom-made folding cargo bike from the family-run Bike Friday in Oregon. They start at $1,500 and can go for more than $2,000 depending on the features you choose.  The basic features are an 8-speed transmission with a rear disc brake, […]

Feeling Bamboozled?

What’s the deal with bamboo bikes?by Keith Couture       Bamboo, not just the preferred snackof Panda bears, has long been used to build structures, scaffolding,water transport systems, flooring material, kitchen utensils, boats,not to mention its use as a decoration, or even in cuisine alongside waterchestnuts. It didn’t take long for someone to conceive of a […]

The Willingness to Wander

Exploring the connection between human empathy and bicycling by Keith Couture      When I first moved to Denverin 2011, I was unemployed, broke, a little despondent, had no friends(in fact, knew almost no one at all), and in my mid-20’s, which asmany of you may know, makes for a nice combo often called“Quarter-Life Crisis.” Unemployment […]

Biking Through the Snow

How to make your spirits bright bytransforming yourself into an abominable snow-bicycler by Keith Couture            Winter bicycling? You must be crazy!This is the most common reactionI receive upon telling someone of the joys of winter biking. Iempathize with the viewpoint, I really do. But I’d like to offer tworhetorical counterpoints to this incredulity. […]

Bike Everywhere

by Keith Couture   “There is no worseneurosis than that which derives from a consciousness of guilt and aninability to reform.” – Anthony Burgess        Riding your bike gives youthe ideal pace to observe city life. For instance, I can alwayslinger long enough to read bumper stickers. I read a lotof bumper stickers. Bumper stickers […]

Internal Geared Huhs?

An introduction to the ever-mystifying internal geared hub  by Keith Couture You are biking on a cool, Autumny, but bright day; a perfect day for a ride. You take the route to your favorite flat stretch of road and, feeling inspired, you decide to really push yourself this time(well, more than you usually do anyway). […]

Trek Lync

The Trek Lync has lights front and back. Photos courtesy of The 2015 Trek Lync 5 27-speed will go for about $1320; the Lync 3 9-speed will go for around $990. Trek calls the Lync a “dedicated, low-maintenance, tricked-out commuter bike.”Let’s start by giving Trek some credit for finally producing an off-the-shelf bike with […]