Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#7 Angus's Old Bikes

A vintage Repco Monaco road bike. Repco is one of the oldest bicycle companies in Australia. All photos courtesy Angus.

Angus added extra passenger and cargo room with an xtracycle.

Ricardo mixte, circa 1970s. 


Thanks for the great blog!

I think you should put more emphasis on second hand and recycled bikes. I think the quality of old bikes is much better than new.

Attached are three of the bikes we use. The first is an xtracycle-equipped recycled bike I bought from

It has a recycled frame, but new wheels. The brakes are some old Magura hydraulics I salvaged, and the pedals are from a 70s Ricardo mixte we have. I bought the child seats second hand, sawed off the bottoms, and screwed them to the platform. Very solid and a great bike! I bought the xtracycle attached to a different (but still excellent) bike for AU$350.

 The second bike is my wife's favourite. It was $10 second hand, and all I've done to it is attach flat handle bars, racks and clipless pedals. Its gear shifting is something to behold, and puts my LX-equipped mountain bike to shame.

The Ricardo mixte cost AU$75, and it needs nothing doing to it -- fantastic riding condition.

There are so many fantastic bikes in people's garages gathering dust. often, they're better than what can be bought in the shops today...

Cheers, Angus

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