Monday, November 11, 2013

#5 Sally's Stable

Sally has great taste in bikes.  Here's what she has to say about each of her 3 bikes:

Nice vintage Takara. All photos credit Sally.

I have three bikes in my stable. I love them all. 
1. First up is the gem who got me back on a bike three and a half years ago (and more than 18,000 bike miles ago): An 80s Japanese road bike, a 52cm Takara Tribute in an iridescent light purple, 27” wheels. I bought it off craigslist from a man who used to own a bike store. It was his wife’s bike, lightly ridden and had been sitting in the garage for years. The tires needed to be replaced (crumbly sidewalls), it needed a tuneup and fenders (I live in Oregon). I knew nothing about bikes. But it fit me, wasn't "too girly" despite the color and the quality was miles beyond the cheap Huffy in the shed. I started commuting to work and biking for fun and well, just kept going. 

Sally's Bridgestone overlooking Crater Lake.

2. By May of the following year I was hankering after maybe a little lighter and faster bike. Guided by size (hey this one will fit me) and not by any expert knowledge, I bought a 52cm red Bridgestone 700 with crazy mustache handlebars wrapped in a zebra-y black and white tape and thinner, 700 tires. It became my Summer Bike. It gets a lot of "cool bike" shout outs.

Sally's LHT, fully loaded and ready to go.

3. Of course I kept an eye out for other bikes but with two solid, steel-framed steeds, it was hard to justify buying anything else. I didn't need a lighter bike (not a racer!) and these two fit my needs pretty well (commuting year around, weekend rides, shopping/errands). But then I began to think of touring....and hauling more stuff....and....and...this fall I fell for the Surly DiscTrucker. Hard. Boy, talk about a practical bike. Wide 26” wheels, front and back racks, disc brakes (did I mention it rains in Oregon?) and built to haul almost anything. I talked myself in and out of buying it many times but then it was Labor Day weekend and there was a sale at my local bike store...well. I did it. I bought a NEW bike. Paid for by the money saved in car costs from my 3+ years of commuting. It's a workhorse and perfect for wet, cold weather and when I need to haul almost anything. 

Sally Hunt
Eugene, OR


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