Saturday, November 9, 2013

#3 Daniel's Surly Cross Check

Daniel's Cross Check takes him to beautiful places in New England.
Here's what Daniel has to say about his Cross Check (a long time BFROU favorite):

First, the long story is here, a response to Lovely Bike's nine
questions to consider when buying a bike:

LB tweeted the response so it is my second most popular post (which doesn't mean I'm at all a popular blogger).  But to summarize:

1) Why did I chose the model?

I was looking for a multipurpose bicycle, something that I could
commute on, pull a trailer with my children, carry a child on a rack mounted child seat, ride on dirt roads, and maybe tour one day.

I looked at complete bikes but I didn't want a touring bike and the complete Surly Cross Check needed fixing so I looked at frames including the Soma Double Cross, the Gunnar Cross Hairs, and the Surly CC.  

My dealer had issues with a Soma, which gave me pause (I'd strongly consider a Soma today, including the mixte and the Grant Peterson designed model), and the Surly CC.  I ended up going with the latter, with Shimano 105 components including a racing triple, hand built wheels, fenders, and racks, front and rear.  I later added a new front wheel with a dynamo hub and lights, which are great to have.

2) How do I use this bike?

Just like I thought I might.  I commute 14 miles round trip 50 or more days a year (it's often hard with two day care or kindergarten dropoffs and pick ups to find the time and space for commuting by bike) and it serves me well. I also carry the kids as expected and they sometimes love it or at least love the destinations.  

And it has been a dirt road and even trail bike.  I did the 2009 D2R2 100K and the 2013 D2R2 Green River Ride as well as the Ride Studio Cafe Diverged Ride this spring.  I did a fall ride this year that let me know how dirty a bike can get off road.  

I have used it for very early morning and night rides this year - I don't yet have lights mounted on my road bike.  I still love it and think it was a great choice.


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