Felt York

Felt York. Credit: Felt Bicycles The Felt York may look like a fixed gear, but it actually has a 2-speed Sturmey-Archer hub. The MSRP is $829.This is a gorgeous bicycle.  It’s a beautiful “Duke” blue with a porteur rack painted to match, with a stained wood base.  The aluminum fenders are polished and even the color of the tires is aesthetically pleasing.  Take a closer look at […]

Yuba Boda Boda

Boda Boda stepover and stepthrough. Credit: Yuba The Yuba Boda Boda cargo cruiser is available at Bikes at Vienna and other local bike shops.  The typical price appears to be about $1,000.Yuba had already perfected the long-tail cargo bike in the form of the Yuba Mundo, which is capable of replacing your car for most local […]