Lights For The Rest Of Us

On behalf of his sister-in-law, Edwin searched far and wide for bicycles in the U.S. market that come standard with dynamo lights.  We are grateful that he’s chosen to share his research with us.As a long time reader of Bikes for the Rest of Us, Ilike practical bikes. Bikes that are good for most people, most […]

#7 Angus’s Old Bikes

A vintage Repco Monaco road bike. Repco is one of the oldest bicycle companies in Australia. All photos courtesy Angus. Angus added extra passenger and cargo room with an xtracycle. Ricardo mixte, circa 1970s.  Hi, Thanks forthe great blog! I think youshould put more emphasis on second hand and recycled bikes. I think the qualityof old bikes […]

#6 Mendo’s Novara Corsa

Mendo’s commuter. She’s car-free! Courtesy: mendocino04 Mendo tells us about her bike:I chose my bike when I was bike commuting. So, for practicality it has full fenders, lights, a rack, seat bag filled with tools and spares and a patch kit, a bell, AND a kickstand. It’s my only transportation; I’ve been car-free for over […]

#4 Mike’s Very Green Bike

Mike’s very green bike. This one came from Mike on twitter: @Bikes4RestOfUs i have a few bikes i enjoy…heres 1 that i built.— mike wilson (@Mikew61) November 6, 2013 @Bikes4RestOfUs it was a beater i turned into a ss after watching utube!— mike wilson (@Mikew61) November 9, 2013 @Bikes4RestOfUs the scwinn was a traded […]

#3 Daniel’s Surly Cross Check

Daniel’s Cross Check takes him to beautiful places in New England. Here’s what Daniel has to say about his Cross Check (a long time BFROU favorite): First, thelong story is here, a response to Lovely Bike’s ninequestions to consider when buying a bike: tweeted the response so it is my second most popular post […]

Here’s the RUB…

1982 Miyata Street Runner FS on ebay. Courtesy: Value Express/ebay There is a seller on ebay, with whom I have no affiliation, who sells vintage bikes such as the one pictured above and refers to them as RUBs.  Here’s how the seller describes a RUB: “RUB”…..standsfor Retro Urban Bike or Retro Utility Bike.   Our Recipestarts […]

#1 Rebecca’s Stable

Here it is — the first submission in response to our request to see your bikes!  (Although maybe Tom’s posts on his Torker Cargo-T and his Handsome Devil should count as #1 and #2? )Here’s Rebecca with the scoop on her bikes: Ihave three in my “stable” at the moment. 1.1970s Motobecane; it is rideable, but needs work. I […]