A complete Betty Foy. Credit: Rivendell Bicycle Works.

Rivendell sells its Betty Foy mixte frameset for $1,050.  A frameset includes the frame, fork, headset, and bottom bracket.   A complete bike, without saddle or pedals, is estimated to cost $2,200, depending on parts.

While we’re on the subject of mixtes, it seemed like a good idea to include the Betty Foy.  As with other Rivendell frames, the Betty Foy is high quality steel, with investment lugs.  The frameset is currently available in three sizes: 50, 55, and 60 cm.

Here is what Rivendell, i.e., Grant Petersen, has to say about the Betty Foy:

Clearance is key to the Foy.  It has enough to fit tires up to 40 mm wide, so it’s good on rough roads.  It has clearance to take fenders easily, even with 40 mm tires, so it’s the ideal foul weather commuter.  What you can do on a bike, you can do on your Betty Foy.

The name “Betty Foy” comes from a character in the Wordsworth poem “Idiot Boy” (go ahead, read it!).  This is a nice touch, given that there is something poetic about mixtes.

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  1. Anonymous


    I dare you to provide a justification for the price of this bike!

    Al in Philadelphia

  2. Tom


    I think there are lots of people spending $2,000 or more on carbon fiber bikes that, unless treated with extreme care, probably will not last more than 5 years.Carbon tri bikes are also one-trick ponies and can't be used for touring.
    The Rivendell will likely last the rest of their lives and due to the flexibility of sizing (higher head tube, quill stem, etc) is more versatile as needs change.Could you get a cheaper frame that lasts just as long and put the same high quality components on it?Yes, you could.Would you love it as much as the Betty Foy?Maybe.Would it be named after a really long poem?Nope.

  3. Freewheel


    Al in Philadelphia has become our resident curmudgeon!That's fine, critical thinking is always welcome here.

    There is much that goes into what a bike is worth. I agree with Tom's comment above. I would add that if you buy a Betty Foy and get rid of a car, you'll get that $2,000 back real soon in savings.Another factor is craftmanship.An A.N.T. roadster, for example, has more value than a mass-produced hybrid because of all the TLC that went into the design, selection of parts, assembly, etc.

    Having said all that, there are some high quality used bikes out there that you can get for a steal if you're willing to do the legwork.

  4. Anonymous


    You need to see this bike "in person." It is a lugged steel beauty with some nice detailing. Fortunately we live close enough toRivendell World Headquarters in Walnut Creek so that my wife was able to admire and ride the Betty Foy. She ordered one on the spot.

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