One of our readers is seeking some bike-buying advice.  Any ideas for her?


My name’s Jez, I live in London and need some advice on a bike for commuting. I’m looking for something with a step-through frame and with a lightweight frame. I know it doesn’t need to be lightweight for speed as I’m only commuting but the bike I currently own is a hybrid and is really heavy and it’s killing me carrying it up and down the steps to my home every day!

So light enough to carry, a step through frame and preferably not a sit-up and beg.

Any advice you have on a bike I could buy in London would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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  1. Janice in GA


    Another option: folding bikes.I have a Brompton that I'm very happy with.There are cheaper ones on the market too.

  2. Gaffer Smythe


    One word – mixte.While not a true step through, they can be light and set up with the riding position she wants.

  3. Chris


    For commuting, I love my Montague bike – you can check them out at It's not a step-through frame, so I don't know if that puts it out of the running for sure, but I think the folded bike is way easier to carry up steps than even a lighter weight unfolded bike.

  4. MG


    How funny… was just catching up on Bike for the Rest of Us and saw you've been featuring mixtes. I've been very happy with my Velo Orange mixte and have been riding it pretty much nonstop for the past month, but unfortunately they no longer are making them. I like what one of the other commenters had to say about considering a folder as well as a mixte. For urban living that requires hiking up stairs, it might be a good choice, too.

  5. B+


    My Raleigh Classic Roadster step-through is pretty light (compared to my Dutch bike!). It has been a good combination of solid and fleet so far…

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