Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Breezer Uptown 8

Breezer makes a line of fully dressed commuter bikes. The Uptown 8 has a Nexus red-band IGH with 8 speeds, fenders, rack and dynohub. It even has a full chaincase for trouble-free commuting. The frame is aluminum with a sloping top tube. 

I like that the B&M lights are both wired to the dynohub and have standlights (stay on after you stop). How many other bikes can you find that come stock with a ring lock, too? Oh, and thank you for making this bike with a proper quill stem so I can adjust it more than once.

I found this Uptown at my local Breezer dealer, Bikes@Vienna.

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She Rides a Bike said...

My husband and I have hsi and hers Uptown 8's and love them. Yes, riding his and hers is a little Doris Day-ish but it's such a greatproduct bike.-