Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lighthouse Sequoia

The Sequoia is back!  Credit: Lighthouse Cycles.
The Lighthouse Sequoia, by Tim Neenan. According to his website, a new custom Sequoia is $1800 for frame and fork.

Neenan distinguished himself in the 80’s as Specialized’s first bicycle frame designer when he created the Sequoia, a sport-tourer, the Expedition, a touring bike, and one of the first mountain bikes, the Stumpjumper.

The Specialized Sequoia, a lugged, steel bike largely manufactured by Miyata in Japan,  is now recognized as a classic. It takes wide tires and was built to travel distances and to carry things.  It's an excellent commuter bike, as the blogger at "A Few Spokes Shy of A Wheel" can attest after putting 30,000 miles on his.  Neenan, with the blessing of Specialized founder Mike Sinyard, is now recreating the Sequoia at Lighthouse Cycles.  You can get it lugged or TIG-welded, your choice, with a custom fit.

Own the road! Credit: Lighthouse Cycles

Don’t have $1800? Here’s an alternative: find yourself an old Specialized Sequoia and lovingly restore it. Here are a few examples:

Mark Rosenberg on cyclofiend

Franklyn Wu on flickr

Kitchen Lattice on flickr

And for more on Sinyard, Neenan, and the history of Specialized, check out this Bike Rader article.

Do you own a Sequoia?  Tell us about it in the comments.


Rootchopper said...

Here's my baby:
The current odometer reading is over 29,750, but its the second odometer. I'm pretty sure it has way over 30,000 miles on it. I bought it in February 1993. It goes without saying that I am pretty happy with it. It still has its original rear hub, cranks, headset, brakes, front derailler, seat post, and fork. I'm on my fifth saddle. (Brooks Flyer, of course.)
I think I bought it for $600 about 1/3rd off the original price. That's fully outfitted with a rack, fenders, and generator light system. It was a steal!

Tim said...

We focus more on the Expedition and the Miyata 1000, but I run a Yahoo group that sometimes discusses the Sequoia and older steel bikes in general. Tim Neenan is a member too.