Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dutch Bikes - Delivered?

More Local Bike Shops are offering practical transportation bicycles with classic styling in North America every day. There are now many US brands that offer practical transportation bikes, but for some there is no substitute for an imported fully dressed Dutch Bike. US Shops like Clever Cycles, Dutch Bike Co, and Adeline Adeline are importing Dutch Bikes to the US and providing a high quality retail experience to go with them. Unfortunately most of us don't live within driving distance of these shops.

What if you could get Dutch Bikes delivered right to your door? There's great risk it buying a bicycle sight-unseen, but perhaps if you've had a chance to ride one elsewhere you'd be more willing to take the plunge.

Two direct-ship Dutch Bike suppliers, And Dutch and Dutchie Bikes offer such direct-to-consumer services. In addition to a line of contemporary city bikes, kids bikes (including kids classic styles), chainless bikes and folders, And Dutch offers Burgers brand classic town bikes starting around $700 (with free shipping). The best part is that they have a variety of sizes, styles and gearing combinations (up to 8 speed). These bikes have all of the standard features like locks, lights, chaincase, steering stabilizer, racks, coatguards, etc; And Dutch assures me that these bikes include front brakes (not shown in photos). It seems reasonable that you'd want to swap out the front wheel for a dynohub/drum combo at some point, though.

And Dutch Bikes - Burgers Cargo Gents (below), Burgers Nostalgia Basic (above):
Dutchie offers two models starting at $600 (shipping starts at $49). You can choose between a loop frame and diamond frame, with single speed or 3-speed gearing. In the diamond frame you can get any color and size you want as long as it's black and 57cm. Dutchie bikes are equipped with dynohubs and front rim brakes.

Dutchie 'Chic' model:

What about quality? We can't speak to the quality of these bikes, but maybe we can get some models to test and post a full review. If you mail order you won't be able to take the bike to a local dealer for a post-purchase tune-up. What are your thoughts about the availability of fully-dressed city bikes in your area? Would you buy Dutch direct?


jheri said...

I feel it is very important to be fitted for a bike no matter what the bike and would always use a shop rather than mail order. Maybe a person could arrange to take it to the local bike shop for a proper fitting.

I live in København and we have a lot of bikes from the Netherlands as well as here. For just plain dependability and quality it is hard to beat Batavus.

Before getting a "dutch" bike of any kind, make sure the model and type matches your riding requirements. Particularly if you have hills. These are really heavy and gears and brakes don't balance for the hills. You are better off with another design. If it is flat this type of bike can be OK.

Don't buy it just for style! If you haven't spent at least an hour riding the sort of riding you plan in your town or city or a place just like it, I would be very cautious.

castors said...

Dutch bike is really lovely. It is unique and fun to ride with.

Castors said...

Looking Very nice Dutch bike

Anonymous said...

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