Dutch Bikes – Delivered?

More Local Bike Shops are offering practical transportation bicycles with classic styling in North America every day. There are now many US brands that offer practical transportation bikes, but for some there is no substitute for an imported fully dressed Dutch Bike. US Shops like Clever Cycles, Dutch Bike Co, and Adeline Adeline are importing […]

Christmas BFROU Toys

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Bikes For The Rest Of Us! Wishing you many bikey gifts this season. In my case, it’s a Velo Orange gift certificate and some Smartwool shirts and socks. Woo Hoo! Time to go take a ride on the Urbana! I also like this BFROU toy spotted by Cyclelicious!

Hardworking Bicycles of Singapore

These photos were shared by reader Austin C. who captured them while in Singapore. You’ll see headbadges for Phoenix, Unicorn, Golden Lion and Flying Pigeon in the slideshow below. Austin is a former bicycle mechanic who has spent some time wrenching on Bridgestone bikes in the 1980s. I’m hoping he’ll share some photos of his […]