These photos were shared by reader Austin C. who captured them while in Singapore. You’ll see headbadges for Phoenix, Unicorn, Golden Lion and Flying Pigeon in the slideshow below.

Austin is a former bicycle mechanic who has spent some time wrenching on Bridgestone bikes in the 1980s. I’m hoping he’ll share some photos of his own bike fleet with BFROU.

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  1. Anonymous


    Love your photos. But most Singaporeans see these bikes and think of Foreign Workers or bike our grandparents rode before they became affluent. Singapore is the most bike un-friendly place, especially for a flat island with a first world aspiration. There is very little bicycle secure bike racks in Singapore (only at MRTs), there is not specific bick secure storage at HDB blocks and the HDB authority make it their business to hassle you if you have a bicycle. Singaporeans attitude to bicycles is that they should only be at East Coast Park and not for comutting. At the same time, Singaporeans complain about how crowded MRTS and Buses are, how many cars are on the roads and yet cycling, like it used to be or is in most developed nations is part of the solution.

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