Saturday, July 16, 2011

Worksman NYC Dutchie Commuter

Worksman bicycles are made in NYC in a solar-powered factory. The NYC Dutchie Commuter is built to order with multiple colors, fenders, front drum brake, bell, you name it. They are now building them with the Duomatic 2-speed Kickback Hub, 3-speed or 7-speed IGH.
These are tough and simple bicycles. Most people don't really need a lightweight road or hybrid bike for daily commuting. The heavier the bike, the less you notice when you strap your laptop to the rack. Do you really want to "feel" that extra weight from the bottle of wine you picked up at the store? No, you don't. 
Price is $299 in base (no fenders) single-speed configuration. A 7-speed with front drum brake, front basket, and fenders is about $700. 


Joseph E said...

$300 base price is only a little higher than what is being charged for cruiser bikes imported from China at most local bike shops. I wish you could find a Workman bike for, say, $400 at an LBS. And $700 for a well-equipped Shimano 7-speed is only a hundred more than the Taiwanese-made bikes (like my Breezer).

It would cost quite a bit to ship one of these to the west coast, but for people in the Northeast it makes a lot of sense to consider one of these bikes, Made in America

Velouria said...

It's great that you are featuring these, are you planning to test ride one? I second Joseph E's sentiment that it's too bad local bike shops do not carry them. I am curious to try the lady's model.

Ed said...

Great blog! I just got back into cycling after a few years away. I'm using a Worksman to get around now and I'm impressed with how well it is made. It's no lightweight to be sure but it rides very well.

Mike Valley said...

That seat is absolutely TERRIBLE!

Ed said...

Just picket one up this weekend. Good solid bike