I saw one of these in my local bike shop last night, but only one. If you go to a bike shop in Canada you’ll see rows of similar bikes for sale. Most of them have an aluminum frame, triple front chain rings, 700c city tires, fenders and racks. The geometry is more hybrid than city bike, but in the case of the Giant Escape City it’s pretty well equipped and comes in 4 sizes (and a women-specific model as well). It even includes decent platform pedals and a bell –just don’t expect to jam huge panniers on that rear rack.


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    I have this bike for riding around New York – it's functional & fun. The only down side isthe gears are a little clunky – I've had the bike back in the shop 3 times for adjustments, however it is now running well. The bike is sturdy, but not heavy. I get lots of admiring comments & I'm happy with my purchase. The handlebar grips are comfortable. I had a riser put into the handlebars and it is a comfortable ride.

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