Civia Cycles’ Midtown urban explorer

A few weeks ago I wrote about Civia Cycles’ newish cargo-bike/cycle-truck, the Halsted. What I didn’t realize at the time is that the Civia brand has gone through an overhaul of sorts, and appears ready to fulfill its promise, and my expectations. The Halsted is only one of a new line of new well-thought-out bicycles, available as framesets and complete bikes, with sensible and good quality parts picks, and reasonable prices.

The Midtown is “The Urban Explorer” of the bunch–characterized by upright and swept back handlebars, a wide-range 24-speed drivetrain, a big front basket, and a semi-step-through frame–and described as “a budget-priced utility bike.” With an MSRP of $900, “budget-priced” may be a stretch, but reasonably-priced is not. It comes in S, M and L sizes.

This bike may not be in stock at your local bike shop, but every shop worth its salt has an account with Civia Cycles’ parent company, and can order the Midtown, or any other Civia bike.

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  1. Anonymous


    For a few hundred more dollars, I would splurge for the Loring. you get a Brooks saddle (worth $100) and fenders (worth $100 in parts, blood, sweat and tears of installation), an internally geared hub and just nicer trim. Definitely worth the upgrade.

  2. Niklas


    No lights, no fenders, no chainguard and no internal hub gearing.No way is this an ideal city / utility bike.

  3. BikeBike


    We are really excited to get our order of Civia's – including the Halsted and Bryant.

    I think the Halsted could be a game changer or sorts – fully capable heavy hauler in a short wheelbase package.Perfect for apartment/condo dwellers and those who want a lighter (than a bakfiets/longtail) utility bike.

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  5. Barry JT


    I don't like these weird "not quite a mixte" frames everyone seems to be going to. Some of new Surlys and new Novaras also have what I consider tweener frames designed obviously with cost saving in mind.I think would just prefer sloping top tube.

    This particular Civia is a special kind of hideous, though.

  6. mary Westmacott


    This looks a great bike, I missed your post on Civia Cycles, but will check it out when i can, thanks for posting this one,Great blog, M x

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