Biria Easy Boarding Superlight 8


Biria imports reasonably-priced city bikes, designed in Germany and manufactured in East Asia.  This distinctive bike, with a very low, step-through aluminum frame, was one of the first models exported to North America, called the Easy Boarding series.

Through the use of a single, oversized aluminum tube for the front half of the frame, the Easy Boarding bike manages to have a “standover” height of only a few inches. The top of the frame is lower than the pedal in the horizontal position! 

Although not everyone appreciates this distinctive styling, the lack of a high bar, or even a regular “step-over” top tube found in a classic women’s frame, means this bike is easy to get started even for people who have difficulty bending their hips or knees. The low frame and adjustable stem make it possible for most people to fit this bike, even though it is comes in only two sizes, though riders who are over 6′ may need a taller seatpost and stem

Biria Easy Boarding Top 3

The series includes basic 3-speed “Top 3” for under $500, and the 8-speed “Lite 8” Shimano Nexus hub version for under $750, as well as a top-of-the-line “Superlight 8”, which adds a front dynamo hub and a full dynamo-powered light system for about $840, one of the better prices for a bike with these features. There is also “easy 7” Shimano derailler version and a single-speed “cruiser,” both under $400, which still include a partial chainguard and rear rack, and an Electric version, with a 3-speed Shimano Nexus rear hub, lithium battery pack, and 220 watt brushless front hub motor


Biria Easy Boarding – Easy 7

The components of the top-of-the-line Superlight 8 are below:


Frame:  Aluminum 7005
Fork:  Hi-Ten unicrown
Rims:  Aluminum, double-wall, 26″
Tires:  26×1.75
Front hub:  Shimano dynamo hub [Superlight 8 only]
Rear hub:  8-speed Shimano Nexus internal gear hub
Shifter:  Shimano nexus twist shifter
Handlebar:  City cruiser [Alloy]
Stem:  Adjustable Aluminum alloy
Grips:  Brown
Pedals:  Platform, rubber
Front & rear Brake:  Linear-pull cantilevers [Rear coaster brake on Top 3 and Cruiser]
Saddle:  Brown, with springs
Chainguard:  Full guard
Kickstand:  Single
Fenders:  Silver
Rack:  Rear alloy rack
Lights:  Front and rear dynamo-powered [Superlight 8 only]
Colors:  Aqua Blue, Black [Superlight 8];
Sizes:  40 cm (15.5″), 46 cm (18″)

Weight:  36 lbs [claimed; single-speed is 30 lbs, 3-speed is 31 lbs ]

Biria Easy Boarding Electric


I look on this bike fondly, because it indirectly got me into commuting by bike. My boss bought the Lite 8 after a bike tour in Europe, and started riding it the 4 miles to work. I was shocked to see it in her office, but after hearing her explain how fast and easy it was to ride to work, I decided to try it myself and am now a daily commuter.

We have also previously reviewed two other bikes by Biria: the Newport 3, a shaft-drive 3-speed, and the Classic Dutch (sadly no longer available, though some dealers may have one in stock.)

The Easy Boarding Top 3 was reviewed by Bike Commuters in 2008, and it appears the 2011 model is unchanged.
Ding Ding Let’s Ride had a test ride of the Top 3 in August 2010.

Biria Easy Boarding bike at the Grand Canyon
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  1. Velouria


    I see this style of bike often in Austria – many women riding them in skirts, and with child seats in the back. The design makes a huge difference to those who wear skirts or are simply not comfortable with the logistics of negotiating traditional step-over constructions.

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    I really love this style of bicycle since then. It is very comfortable to ride with and very easy to handle.

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    The style was really great. It looks comfortable to ride on. Additionally, biking is a good exercise.

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    these bikes are really made i would prefer to buy a bike that is made of aluminum tube!

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    I am a senior where can I purchase a used one of the easy boarding type.

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