Surly Troll

The Troll as a complete bike. Credit: Surly Blog. We already mentioned the Surly Troll in our recent discussion of “do-everything” bikes. The Troll frameset is due to arrive in November 2010, and according to Surly’s blog, the MSRP will be $495. Surly has not said whether it will be offered as a complete bike […]

Surly Trailer

New for 2011 – the Surly trailer.  Photo credit: Surly. Surly plans to release the above-pictured trailer sometime during spring 2011.  According to the Surly blog, the MSRP will be $750 short, $775 long.  According to Surly, the trailer meets two requirements often lacking in bike trailers: (1) it can haul a heavy load and (2) it will […]