Longtail cargo bicycles are the minivans and pickup trucks of the bike world. The long load decks can hold groceries, kids or a thousand bananas. Yuba’s second generation Mundo has 21 speeds and includes a load deck and fenders with flaps for $1099. The strong steel frame of the Mundo has the highest load rating of any longtail bike in the US. You can find the full specs here and close-up photos from EcoVelo here. My favorite feature? The deflopilator (say it in your best Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz voice).

Yuba is offering a special edition “Mundo Wheels 4 Life” that is slightly fewer features (it has 6-speeds and lacks the load deck and fenders) for $899. Even better when you purchase a Wheels 4 Life version they donate a bike to Africa or Central America. You can also get the Mundo as a frameset or e-bike.
Yuba also offers great accessories including *huge* 85 liter “Go Getter” panniers, child seats (the deck can fit two) and stoker-type bars for rear passengers. The Mundo frames have built in load platforms that also accept running boards. So if you pick up stoker bars, running boards, a soft seat and wheel skirts you’re set up to ferry around the kids.

See more photos on EcoVelo Blog where they do a full review of the Mundo V3.0.

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  1. Lori Tompkins


    The Yuba Mundo is fabulous as an electric bike … Helps a ton getting self + stuff up hills!

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