Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bike Commuting for The Rest Of Us

One great way to get more time on your bicycle is to ride it daily to work or to school. The bicycles that we discuss on this blog lend themselves to carrying stuff, riding in street clothes and being tolerable in wet weather. In other words they're good for commuting.

The distance and frequency of your bicycle commute is going to be relative to your local conditions, your physical fitness and (in great part) your determination. Eventually you will learn what your body is capable of doing and what kind of equipment you'll need. But what about the point where you're just getting started with bicycle commuting?

Here are two perspectives on bicycle commuting.

Commuting on an E-Bike
Catherine chose an E-bike for her commute because it would allow her to commute more often and dispose of her car. Getting rid of the car not only saves money right away... it also eliminates excuses not to ride. You can read the blog entry (via Lets Go Ride A Bike) and see the video of her commute.

Ryan Leech on Bicycle Commuting
The second video is about Ryan Leech, a professional bicycle athlete, discussing why he commutes by bike. In Ryan's case commuting by bike helps him get in a workout while he gets to work. See the video here.

Here are some other great resources for Bicycle Commuting:

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