Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sheldon Brown and Grant Petersen

Long before there was a blog called "Bikes For The Rest Of Us," there were advocates for the types of bicycles that we promote here. I think the two most prominent were the late, great Sheldon Brown and the iconoclast Grant Petersen.

You want to hear an informative discussion about bikes for the rest of us? Listen to this conversation between Sheldon and Grant at the 2005 Interbike show.

Here's a brief excerpt:

Grant: "I think the worst thing that's happening in bicycles these days and it's been happening for years is using racing and competition bicycles to sell bicycles to people who are not going to do that.

I mean, it wouldn't happen in cars. You don't see people driving around in cars that people race on the dragstrip or in NASCAR cars but that's the kind of bike that people get on and ride. It's not a practical bike for everyday living...."


Joel said...

thanks for the link - somehow I'd never found the podcasts on Sheldon's site. Can't figure out why not, they're nicely labeled.

Anonymous said...

This is great context for anyone wondering how they ended up on a racing bike or somehow thinking they need to wear special clothes to ride.

We need more people to make the point that bikes have a legitimate place at the table as we discuss transportation and energy policy. And Bikes For the Rest Of Us are essential if this is going to happen. Thanks for putting this on your site!