Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rivendell Atlantis

Rivendell makes high-end lugged steel bikes designed for the rest of us. The Atlantis, for example, has a wide tire clearance (35mm or wider) and can be used for loaded touring, trail riding, and commuting. Rivendell claims “you can do anything on an Atlantis.” The Atlantis frame, fork, and headset go for about $2,000, but the total cost depends on how you get it set up.

Rivendell is the brainchild of Grant Petersen, who previously was with Bridgestone Bicycles until its demise in the mid-90s. The Atlantis is the lineal descendent of the much-acclaimed Bridgestone XO-1.

You can get an Atlantis set up with mustache bars, the way the XO-1 was, or with drop bars. Basically, Rivendell will work with you to build the bike you want.

Check out Kevin's Atlantis at Chasing Mailboxes.

If you own an Atlantis or other Rivendell product, leave a comment and let us know what your experience has been like.

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Christian said...

I would imagine most BFTROU readers know Rivendell. When I discovered them a few years ago, their bikes, catalog, reader, and products were amazing. I'm still a fan of the idea: simple and beautiful steel bikes meant for riding with normal clothes on long rides, short rides, commutes, trails, etc. I built up a riv-like bike that I actually don't ride as often as my others, although I should. So, I'm of a mixed opinion about Rivendell. I am a member (though they seem to always forget to send me my catalog and reader), I love reading what Grant writes, but he's so full of disgust at the bike world around him that it's a bit off-putting.