Monday, January 11, 2010

Commute-Ready from Raleigh: 2010 One Way

So you're probably not surprised to be reading about a bike on Bikes For The Rest Of Us that has the following features:
  • Chain guard
  • Bell
  • Fenders
  • Brooks Saddle
  • Vittoria Rondenour 700cx35 tires with reflective stripe
  • CrMo frame
  • Included frame-mounted pump
What will surprise you about the One Way is that these features come in a road bike package with drop bars and a nifty SRAM Torpedo flip-flop hub. The Torpedo hub allows you choose between single-speed and fixed-gear settings with the turn of a screwdriver. The One Way has toe clips with straps to help keep your feet planted in fixed mode and canti brakes to slow you down when you're riding it as a single speed.

So who will be riding the One Way? Add a rack and it's an all-weather commuter ready to tackle snow with studded tires and fixie ninja moves. There are less expensive choices out there for similarly-equipped city bikes; however, you could always lose the drop bars for city bars like @americancyclery did here:
Clearly the feature-laden One Way is not for purists. If you're looking for an ultra-light road bike or a dead simple fixie the One Way is likely not for you. So you won't find this bike on Bikes for the Purists blog. I think it will work for the rest of us, though.


Ethan said...

really digging the blue.

Len said...

I have a 2008 One Way that is a GREAT commuter. I've added Albatross bars, a SOMA deco rear rack and a VO porteur rack to handle my commute loads. Great bike.

Noel said...

Got mine last month. Love it. All the little frame design things so nicely done. Tire/fender clearances, braze-ons, lugged fork, real Brooks pre-aged saddle, chintzy reflectors & bell...well, almost everything is nice.

I've added VO porteur racks front/rear, front fender mud flap, a saddlebag, and VO half-clips:

Tom said...

@Len, can you tell us more about your commute? Why did you choose a single speed, specifically?

@Noel, thanks for sharing the pic! That VO porteur rack is just begging for a Swift Industries Pelican bag.

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Len said...

I won my One Way in a contest. My ride is 4.5 miles each way, pretty flat, so the single speed is a simple, low-maintenance way to go. I only have one slight hill (and some mornings wish I had a 3-speed!)