Monday, January 18, 2010

Civia Cycles

Civia Cycles, based in Minnesota, makes high-end transportation bikes, such as the Hyland and Loring pictured above. I previously thought they were too high end to qualify as "bikes for the rest of us," which isn't really fair, given that we've featured A.N.T. bikes on here.

The Hyland (top-most picture), has a frame made from lightweight aluminum, and it comes with a carbon fork. As pictured, it also comes with fenders, a chainguard, and wide tire clearance (it will accommodate 700 x 35 tires).

The Loring, pictured 2nd from top, is designed to carry cargo in the front, which makes it a pretty good grocery-getter. It's offered as a 9-speed, but you can get a 3-speed version for $875.

Perhaps in light of current economic conditions, Civia is offering some new, lower-priced models in 2010.

The Midtown, pictured above, will be available in April. It is intended as the "value" version of the Loring. It's made of steel and apparently does not come with fenders or a chainguard.

The Linden, also new, is touted as an affordable Hyland.

Finally, Civia has come out with the Bryant, the steel commuter with drop bars.

You can find details about all these models at Civia's website. Just follow the links. Should you happen to already own a Civia product, please leave us a comment and let us know how you like your bike.


pj said...

Hello and thanks for featuring Civia on your blog!
Just as a heads up the newer models coming this year do not come spec with racks and fenders; however we will have an easy way for consumers to order the rack fender package from us and save some money compared to buying them at the normal retail price.
We have had some folks ask why we would spec a bike w/o racks and fenders and the truth is because we have had a good number of shops and consumers ask for this. Much of it is regional for fenders and personal choice on how people like to carry gear for racks. So we figured why not offer the bikes w/o these parts but make it easy and affordable to add them on. Let us know what you think and we can always change how we do this in the future.
We really do listen to feedback and much of what we offer is a result of that.
Thanks again and please let us know if you have any questions.
PJ Ramstack
Civia Cycles

Freewheel said...

Thanks for the info, P.J.!