Electra Ticino

These have been mentioned here before, but I saw them in person for the first time last week, and I can’t not mention them again…Every bike in the Ticino series, by Electra Bicycle Company, is lovely and practical and elegant. I really can’t say anything about them without sounding like a 13-year-old girl at the […]

Long Haul Trucker, by Surly

This post is long overdue. The Long Haul Trucker, by Surly/QBP, is a terrific bike, and a terrific value, even though the suggested retail price is $1,100.  Officially, it’s a “touring” bike, meaning it’s good at carrying you and all your belongings on a Lewis-and-Clark-style expedition. Unofficially, it’s a good jack-of-all-trades bike: reliable transportation, fitness […]

Are Bike Shops Failing First-Time Buyers?

I found this wonderful post thanks to Twitter and @Letsgorideabike (check out their excellent blog). There are a ton of great comments (from men and women alike) describing their experience at bike shops while searching for the right bike.With any major purchase I encourage you to do your research. Seek out opinions from a diverse […]

Quick Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some items that might be of interest to the BFROU crowd: An Xtracycle does winter delivery duty in the snow (Old Spokes Home) An overview of 12 bikes to replace your car found on Lighter Footstep Something I wish I would have done on New Years Day, a cargo bike meet-up […]