Velo Cult is a shop in San Diego that restores vintage lugged steel bikes. The Peugeot pictured above was stripped and powder coated and accessorized with an embossed Brooks saddle, Honjo fenders, Velo Orange racks and cork grips. “This is the ultimate vintage Mixte.” And I’m guessing that the price is a bit steep (you can find out how much by emailing them at — which is just more proof that used lugged steel bikes retain their value.

By the way, Peugeot still makes mixtes — using lightweight aluminum — and sells them in Europe. It comes with a chainguard, rear rack, fenders, and lights.

The specs for this new Peugeot can be found here.

Given a choice, which Peugeot mixte would you want to own?

UPDATE: Bike Club of Falls Church, Va also has a vintage Peugeot Mixte for sale:

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  1. Anonymous


    Which one would I want to own? Seriously, is that even a legitimate question? The old one looks great; the new one not so much

  2. Freewheel


    Frank, I'll admit to throwing some bait out there.IMHO, these aluminum models being put out these days are not very attractive and I doubt they'll be the object of restoration and bike lust in 30 years, assuming they last that long.

  3. Anonymous


    While the new peugeot pictured is a step-thru, it's not a mixte, as it doesn't have an extra set of stays that emanate from the top tube/twin top tubes of a "real" mixte.
    While the newer bike is butt-ugly, it at least has the benefit of using modern, standardised components.The vintage mixtes featured will cause their owners headaches should the BB or headset, or even the stem, ever need replacement.

  4. Anonymous


    I have an original Mixte which I rescued from 20 years in a garage. I love it. It is a great commuter bike and a friend rides it on our road bike rides locally. I also have a mens Peugeot that I ride regularly. They just don't make bikes the way they used to.

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