Worksman Cycles touts its Newsboy as “the most popular industrial bicycle in North America.” It’s currently on sale for $339, but that price does not include the baskets and other options. H/T to Tom for bringing Worksman Cycles to our attention.

Worksman declares that “these Bikes are not toys… these are authentic Worksman Industrial Bicycles. Remember, choose Worksman because you want the best industrial bicycles on earth, with components that are more heavy duty than any other bicycles. Also, all Worksman Industrial Bicycles are proudly made in the USA.”

The Newsboy is offered in a variety of colors and certain upgrades are available at extra cost. For example, steel rims are standard, but you can upgrade to alloy. A front brake is not standard, but you can add front drum brakes for $70 (a very good idea). The 24″ handlebar is standard, but you can choose riser bars. You can get it as a single speed or, for an additional $90, as a 3 speed. The standard fenders are chrome, but for additional cost you can have them painted. Finally, the front baskets and dual rear saddle baskets cost extra. When you put it all together, the bike will cost a good bit more than $339. However, you will have a very useful bike.

Worksman makes an eclectic collection of models including pennyfarthing highwheelers, folding bikes and trikes, and what I can only describe as trikes for the rest of us.

They also make an “urban commuter cruiser” as pictured below.

These come with front drum brakes and thicker than standard chains. Worksman says the frames are built with “heavy gauge steel.” It’s great to hear a bicycle manufacturer brag about that! They are shipped “mostly assembled.” Worksman calls its urban commuter “a bike that will last a lifetime and offer a lifetime of function and pleasure.”

And, yes, they are made in the USA.

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  1. 2whls3spds


    They have been the standard at manufacturing plants all over the country…those that are left 🙁

    I spent a couple of years at a facility where that was our only form of transportation on the plant site, which was 2miles square. They work best on relatively flat ground.

    Built to last, I have seen some from as early as 1960 still going strong almost 50 years later.


  2. Zach


    Great blog. Love Worksman bikes.

    Any chance you'd consider profiling some lighting systems? Do some of these bikes come with hub dynamos?

    The Rest of Us aren't riding on trails at night and don't need that kind of light, but we need to be seen.

  3. Anonymous


    These things are great. It is a no BS machine that will out last you. Just be sure to put a smaller chainring and a bigger cog on it because they are heavy and going up hills without modification is WORK!

  4. william


    I've got a Worksman INB and it is an awesome machine. I once put 2 cases of beer in the back with 20lbs of ice and another 30lbs of ice in the front basket. I put a 7spd hub on mine (with some slight modification) and it still doesn't really go up hills. Nevertheless, awesome. With the extra wide seat, it's more like a Harley than a bike.

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