Here is my sister’s Smoothie ES frame and fork (by Soma Fabrications) built up as a comfortable and stylish town bike. The rain in Portland appears to have infiltrated my camera, but you can still make out the important elements: upright and swept-back handlebars, platform pedals, full fenders, and a dynamo headlight.

The Smoothie ES is a light and sporty frame, but it doesn’t have to be set up as a road bike. This bike is light and sporty AND comfortable and stylish! Also, the Cobalt Blue is luscious.

In case you missed it, here’s a link back to Part I, regarding the Soma Smoothie ES.

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    I have a Smoothie ES and use it for my 25mi RT commute, which includes about 7 miles of unpaved bumpy trail.It is about as awesome as a road bike can get on this surface.

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