Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pake C'Mute

Pake (pronounced "Pah-Kay,")" calls the C'Mute "a tough jack of many trades frame... fast commuter, sport tourer, CX, geared or single speed." It's made by the same people who make Soma frames, and the Soma Store sells the C'Mute fork and frame for $360. You may also find a dealer who will special order you the complete bike... prices will vary.

The frame really is built as an all-rounder, with double eyelets and clearance for wide tires. The horizontal dropout allows it to easily be converted to a single or fixed gear.


Frame: Butted Tange 4130 CrMo tubeset. Sizes 47-60 cm.
Clearance for 35c tires with fenders.
Decals: Removable w/o stripping clearcoat
Horizonal dropouts (updated to a longer slot for 2009)
Optional unicrown steel fork w/ rack and fender mounts and low rider pannier mounts;
44mm rake, matching paint
Extended headtube
Color: Pave-Mint


SiouxGeonz said...

It bemuses me when bikes are titled "c'mute" ... what are it's features for commuting (other than the places that I could add something)? By the time you add the fenders, place to carry, lights... make it a commuter... it would be twice the price... tho' perhaps that's the deal; people "won't pay for a commuter."

sachin said...

some bike quality is not good mostly person like a good feature bike .
this time is a stylish bike time and this bike is a comfortable bike .

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Justin W. Hall said...

what size and how tall are you?