Surly Cross-Check

The Surly Cross-Check is probably one of the most popular all-rounders, so it’s about time we mentioned it here. At City Bikes, you can purchase the complete bike for $1,050 or the frameset for $410.The frame is steel, and it has eyelets for fenders and braze-ons for a rear rack. The fork allows plenty of […]

Smoothie ES; Part II

Here is my sister’s Smoothie ES frame and fork (by Soma Fabrications) built up as a comfortable and stylish town bike. The rain in Portland appears to have infiltrated my camera, but you can still make out the important elements: upright and swept-back handlebars, platform pedals, full fenders, and a dynamo headlight.The Smoothie ES is […]

Pake C’Mute

Pake (pronounced “Pah-Kay,”)” calls the C’Mute “a tough jack of many trades frame… fast commuter, sport tourer, CX, geared or single speed.” It’s made by the same people who make Soma frames, and the Soma Store sells the C’Mute fork and frame for $360. You may also find a dealer who will special order you […]