A Big-Box Bike

Should this bike be listed on BFROU? Open for comment… I generally do not advise people to purchase bicycles from big-box or department stores. These stores generally suffer the following disadvantages, when compared to independent bicycle dealers (aka local bike shops): Poorly designed products, Poorly assembled and adjusted products, No service agreement, Poor warranty support, […]

You’re Reading The (2nd) Best Local Bike Blog

According to City Paper, this is D.C.’s second best bike blog. Here’s the City Paper write-up, which includes some great quotes from David: BEST: THEWASHCYCLESECOND-BEST: BIKES FOR THE REST OF USTheWashCycle scours local media for news of interest to cyclists.Bikes for the Rest of Us tries to get you riding, and not just for fun.“For […]

Kogswell P/R

Kogswell sells its porteur/raddoneur (P/R) frameset, which includes the frame, fork, and fenders (painted to match the frame), headset and seatpost for $600.Here’s how Kogswell decribes the P/R: The best all-rounder ever.This is not a racing bike. Because you don’t have a support car. And it isn’t a mountain bike. But it can do everything […]

Trek Allant and Allant WSD

MSRP: $540. It’s got comfortable handlebars, swept back to provide an upright position. It’s got a comfy saddle, pretty wide. Wouldn’t want it any wider, it would weigh a ton. Fenders, elegantly painted to match, providing dignified protection from mud-splattered-on-the-back-of-your-shirt-and-in-your-crotch. No one likes that. Carriers, black in back for him*, green in front for her**. […]

Handsome Devil

If you were going to build your own BFROU, what would you use as your muse?The guys at Handsome Cycles could not have made a more inspired choice when they modeled their frameset, coming out in April, after the Bridgestone XO-1.If you’re not familiar with the Bridgestone XO-1, or the cult following that Bridgestone bikes […]

U-District, from Torker

Looking again at the Torker website, I noticed another BFROU, well, some of us. Here it is: MSRP $349! This is Torker’s bid to cash in on the too-cool-for-school fixie clique. All the social politics aside, this looks like an inexpensive bike that is probably still quite functional and fun-to-ride.  Torker bikes are distributed by […]

Jamis Sputnik

The 2009 Jamis Sputnik, available at City Bikes for $900.In looking over Urban Velo’s list of 2009 single speeds, the Sputnik was left out. That’s too bad, because the bike is a standout. The frame is made from Reynolds 631 tubing, and it has braze-ons for bottle-holders, fenders, and racks. Weighing in at 18.9 pounds, […]

NAHBS 2009

Would you like to see lots of pictures of beautiful bikes? Are you nodding yes? Then check out Jim Thill’s flickr set from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.