Sunday, February 22, 2009

A List of Single Speed Commuter Bikes

There are more than 30 to choose from, but I'm not wasting my time when Urban Velo did it already, take a look...


George Swain said...

Thanks for posting the link. Helpful to have it all in one place. I'll add that I asked my LBS to convert a Nishiki 10-speed that I picked from a neighbor who was tossing it out. Total converstion was less than $100 including bar tape and tires. Single-speed and fixed are great not only as commuters, but also for winter training.

Ted said...

Very interesting to see how the industry has embraced this category. I know they started a few years back, but until I saw the size of the list I had no idea by how much. What surprises me is the range of price points. Granted, I know the sub-$400 models are probably made in China, but really, if you squint your eyes they aren't any less interesting looking than that $1100 (WTF?!) Marin.

Let's be honest, folks. I can see complicated drive trains having certain nuances like complexity or weight and frame material coming into play as far as price differences go, but a single speed bike, steel or aluminum, for anything over $500 is a little "bizzare", to be polite.

Andrew Beaujon said...

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Andrew Beaujon

kfg said...

Only two of the bikes on that list even vaguely resemble a one speed commuter (and I own one of them). The rest are "track" bikes. They are "commuters" only in the same sense that a Madone road bike is a commuter. You CAN commute on anything that suits your fancy, maybe a unicycle, but I don't think that when you say "one speed commuter" unicycle is what springs into most people's mind.

Raleigh Rush Hour, but NOT the One Way? Marin Icarus, but NOT the Go Getter? Come ooooooon, get real. ANT Roadster, but NOT the Rivendell Quickbeam (I own one of those too), a better commuter for a grand less (now only if you're under 5'4" or something, unless you can find a used one).

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against track bikes, I own one of those TOO. It's a blast. I even ride it to the park and the library on occasion, but as daily transport? Only if it were the only bike available. With a bit of parts swapping I think I could build a better commuter out of a $100 NEXT cruiser.

You were wrong. They didn't make the list for you. Make your own, for The Rest of Us - looking for a one speed COMMUTER.