Surly Steamroller

Surly Steamroller – available at Spokes Etc. for $700.Some folks are into Surly the way certain geeks are into Apple, if you know what I mean. As Surly’s website says: “In the beginning, Surly made frames, and they were good.” Well, a good frame is always a good start.Surly now offers five complete bikes and […]

BFROU, One Year Later

About a year ago I posted a rant on Freewheeling Spirit about how the bicycle industry was not really committed to building a pervasive bike culture here in the U.S., but instead was content to make their profits off high-end racing bikes and mountain bikes. This was my bikes for the rest of us (“BFROU”) […]

Schwinn World GS

The Schwinn 2009 World GS retails for about $500. According to Schwinn’s “dealer locator,” you can find this model at Nash’s Sports at 3339 14th St. N.W. in D.C.I don’t know whether Schwinn will ever recapture its former prestige (used Schwinns are still a better deal than new ones), but this is a step in […]