Used Bikes

So far, we’ve been featuring only the latest models on this blog. Of course, if you’re looking for a utilitarian bike, there’s a whole other world out there worth exploring — the world of used bikes. Many used bikes are quite elegant, and are equipped with baskets, racks, fenders, and chainguards. And, best of all, […]

Batavus Old Dutch

Let’s face it: the most utilitarian yet elegant bikes are the ones that are being pedaled everyday as basic transportation in Old World Europe. Just take a look at the blogs Amsterdamize and Copenhagenize. Europeans ride a whole lot more than Americans and they look good while doing it.As some of us Americans have clamored […]

Scattante Emerald City Single Speed

Performance Bike is selling the Scattante Emerald City Single Speed Road Bike for $500 right now. It’s hard to find a stylish ride at that price, but this one, with its swept back handlebars with leather grips, certainly qualifies. Unfortunately, the frame does not have rack mounts. It would also be nice to have a […]