Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trek District

It's hard for D.C. bike bloggers to ignore a bike called "District." (H/T WashCycle). Trek is introducing this single-speed model (MSRP $930)and the 8-speed Soho (MSRP $990) as belt-driven, urban bikes.

Between Trek's belt-driven models and the new shaft-driven models, such as the Biria Newport, there seems to be a chain-free trend emerging. Even CNN is reporting on it.

Belt drives may be cleaner, but are they as efficient and durable as chains? Only time (and miles ridden) will tell.

2009 Specs for The District:

Frame: Alpha Black Aluminum (sizes 50, 54, 56, 58, 60 cm)
Crank: Bontrager Satellite Nebula w/ 55T alloy C-drive belt sprocket
Cassette: C-drive 22T alloy belt sprocket
Saddle: Bontrager Race
Handlebars: Trek Urban
Brakeset: Alloy dual pivot
Wheels: Alloy cartridge bearing hubs; alloy rims
Tires: Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase, 700x25c
Belt drive

So... will we be seeing any Districts in the District?


Anonymous said...

Dave, I'm now selling Fuji and SE bicycles. I would love to see the SE Draft ($310) and the Fuji Absolute 4.0 ($300 for an 08) featured on this blog. I could even do an nonobjective review!

RJ said...

Other than "cleaner," ARE there any other reasons to use a belt drive? If not, I wonder if people would buy just for the 'novelty' of it.

David Hembrow said...

I question the practicality of a bike which is claimed to be "clean" yet which has no mudguards (fenders).

What I find amusing about this is that Trek already have practical bicycles which have chain guards, fenders, racks etc. It's just that they sell them only in the Netherlands.