Trek District

It’s hard for D.C. bike bloggers to ignore a bike called “District.” (H/T WashCycle). Trek is introducing this single-speed model (MSRP $930)and the 8-speed Soho (MSRP $990) as belt-driven, urban bikes.Between Trek’s belt-driven models and the new shaft-driven models, such as the Biria Newport, there seems to be a chain-free trend emerging. Even CNN is […]

kg271, by Madsen Cycles

These won’t appeal to everyone, but they’re pretty neat: Here’s a new longtail on the scene, and it’s got a funny name. The manufacturer, Madsen Cycles, calls it “kg271.” I assume that’s a reference to its cargo cpacity–but that’s a sizable load (almost 600 pounds)–so don’t go trying it ’cause I said so, because I […]

Origin8 Cykel 3speed

[I know that it’s standard practice to photograph bicycles from the right side, so as to display the drivetrain components. However, in light of last week’s election results, I thought we could “take a turn to the left” for a bit. -David]This is the Origin8 Cykel. Origin8 is a house brand for J&B Importers, distributor […]

Pake Urban Six-Speed

Pake, a company previously only for hipster penny-pinchers, now offers a practical town bike. It’s laid back, with 6-speeds, a (black) steel frame and fork, with (black) fenders, (black) chainguard, and a (silver, thankfully) bell. It has removable decals, and a kind of vintage look to it. Best of all, you’ll pay $375 for it […]

Biria Newport 3

The Biria Newport is a chainless, shaft-driven bicycle made by Incline for Biria. The shaft is sealed inside an aluminum case along with an internal hub. According to Biria, “this means exceptional performance without chain grime, corrosion, or gear-grinding — and no maintenance.” It also means no chain grease on your clothes as you ride […]