Novara Fusion. Available on sale at REI for $589.93 (regularly about $700).

Watch the unveiling of the ’09 Fusion on video at Bike Hugger.

Some real nice touches: Internal brakes and shifting; dynamo hub powered dual headlight; tailight, fenders, rear rack.


Frame: 6061 Aluminum (Note: It’s not clear what frame sizes are available at REI)

Crankset: RPM City Single 46TT

Shifters: Shimano Nexus 8-speed Revo

Brakes: Front and Rear Roller (apparently the ’09 model will have disc brakes)

Rear cog: Shimano 21T

Front hub: Shimano Nexus Dynamo

Rear hub: Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal

Rims: Alex ACE 17

Tires: Vittoria Randonneur 700×32

Stem: Kalloy Alloy Adjustable

Handlebar: Kalloy Cozy Comfort

Seat post: Post Moderne Suspension

Saddle: Velo Fast Comfort

Pedals: Alloy Platform

Chain: Shimano IG31

Weight: 34 pounds

Good deal.

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  1. 2whls3spds


    According to their online inventory only the Women’s 15″ in Green. Store inventory may be different. I looked at purchasing one of these but they could not find one in any frame size over a medium…welcome to the one size fits all world.


  2. Freewheel



    That’s a shame.Maybe that’s all that’s left in stock of the ’08 model. Let’s hope that they provide a larger selection of frame sizes when the’09 models come in.

    P.S. – you have a great blog. I added you to our links.

  3. Anonymous


    Hmm, wonder what brand that twin headlight is… Does Shimano Nexus hub provide enough power to two normal headlights, or are those two some kind of low-power ones?

  4. Johan


    It’s a Shimano LP-M300. It has two lights: one LED bulb, and one 6v 2.4w Xenon bulb, which does a pretty good job of illuminating the road.

    I think the hub is rated for 4 w.

  5. Tony


    I bought one of the 2008s this weekend at the Framingham, Mass. store.It was down to $499 (as of Mar. 1, 2009).

    While this is not the ideal commuter bike in my mind, it is pretty damn close.And when you can get close to ideal for less than $500, it seems like an obvious choice.

    In my ideal world, this bike would have a chromoly frame with a curved chromoly fork and 26 in. (ISO 559) wheels.Otherwise, it’s ideally outfitted.

    I have a lot of experience with Shimano roller brakes and have had at least three bikes that use them (It’s hard to count, as various sets of wheels have been mounted to various fames over the years).While roller brakes have one (arguably large) drawback, their good points are numerous.The drawback is the weight.Otherwise, they offer: great all-weather braking, absolutely minimal upkeep, no parts to wear out (if you grease them once per year), and best protection from brake theft of any type of brake.

    I looked at the 2009 Fusion.While it’s clearly a good deal more stylish, I’m not sold on the combination of internal gears and disk brakes.The disk brake requires a vertical dropout, whereas the internal gear hub is ideally used with horizontal dropouts.The only solution is to use a chain tensioner, which, in my mind, introduces a weak mechanical link and hurts the aesthetics as well.For a commuter, I’m happy with roller brakes, and am prepared to pay the weight penalty.

  6. Shuhaib


    > Hi Johan

    About the LP-M300 shimano dual lamp, i've got one and like to know if the spokes need to be changed to install the DH-2N30-E SHIMANO Hub Dynamo 6V– 2.4W. If change is required, what size spokes should I put for a normal 26" MTB wheel?

  7. Anonymous


    I need to replace the Xenon 6V/2.4W lamp. According to REI it is not available in the US. Any ideas on how to source it or find an equivalent?

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