Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Xtracycle Radish

If you're looking for a perky radish, you can't go wrong with the one in Henri Rousseau's Pink Candle (see above), but since you're here at Bikes-For-The-Rest-Of-Us, I have to assume these aren't the droids you're looking for.

How about this Radish, from Xtracycle, One-Of-Our-Favorite-Companies-Ever:
The Radish is Xtracycle's latest creation: a full longtail bike that comes in one box, with everything you need to ride in style. I posted about it previously, but there is some new information from the Xtra-folks. They've designed the frame and chosen the components so that riders of various sizes can be comfortably accommodated with only a change of saddle height, so it's a one-size-fits-most arrangement. (If they're as smart as we think they are, they'll spec a bolted seat-post binder, or a wee cable to keep combat the black-market in seat-posts and saddles.)
The Xtra-folks have also disclosed these not-too-specific specifications:
  • Xtracycle-specific steel frame, mated to a matching Free Radical (powder coated, we assume),
  • Steel fork with V-brake in front,
  • Rear disc brake (cable-actuated, we assume),
  • 7 or 8 gears with "insane" range,
  • Swept-back bars and overall laid-back styling,
  • A good all-around component set (with a freehub and stout wheels, we assume),
  • Fat-G street tires (Schwalbe, we prefer; Kenda, we expect), and
  • Loads of standard accessories, including a chainguard, fenders, and the full Xtracycle longtail kit with Freeloader bags and traditional Snap Deck.
Price tag: $1199.
Radishes are almost available. Get on the Radish mailing list by emailing your contact to . I did.


SiouxGeonz said...

I'm in love with a radish?
Amazing verbal spin off the "radical." it's rad - ish.

matt said...

have you heard anything about this flying pigeon bike?


or how about the khs green?


David said...

I think posted on the KHS Green back in May. I haven't had a chance to ride one, but as I said, it looks like a decent bike for the price, with lots of practical features.

I know about the Flying Pigeon, but I haven't noticed this company before (FPNYC). Thanks for bringing this site to my attention. I'll write up an entry...

David said...

Flying Pigeon Posted!
Thanks again, and pardon my grammer/typos.

kimberly said...

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