Friday, May 16, 2008

Giant Suede

Giant Suede. MSRP $800.

Bike Portland: Discussion of the Shimano coasting gruppo.

2008 Specs:

Frame: ALUXX Aluminum (sizes: regular, large for men; one size for women)
Brakes: Shimano coasting rear coaster brake
Cassette: Shimano 16T
Chain: Shimano coasting
Cranks: Shimano 33T
Rims: Alloy 20/28H
Tires: Multi-surface 26x1.95, w/ slime-filled innertubes
Handlebar: Steel 4" riser
Saddle: Unity Comfort Cruiser
Pedals: Resin/Kraton platform
Front bag
Rear Rack
Rear Panniers

If you have any feedback about Suede, please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I just bought a Suede with the standard 7 spd derailleur. My other bike is a 10 year old Raleigh comfort bike. At 55 years-old I hope to continue riding for many more years to come, but decided maybe a bike frame that was a little easier to get on and off would be a good idea as I grow older. The Giant Suede fits the bill in this department.

Even as a young man I found that hiking my leg over the top bar of a men's frame bike could be awkward if I wasn't paying attention. Could be that I'm a bit of a clutz, but bikes like the Suede and the Townie are indeed bikes for the rest of us.

It's time that American bike manufacturers and dealers realize that there are some of us who enjoy cycling and ride nearly every day, but aren't necessarily into racing or long distance riding.

The Suede is very comfortable and easy to ride. If you're looking for a bike for those leisurely neighborhood rides then the Giant Suede is definitely a bike to put on your short list.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor and I just purchased these bikes. We have been all around the neighborhood having a blast. They are easy to ride, comfortable and we love the automatic shifting. We receive compliments all over town. We have discovered biking again and are loving it!

Anonymous said...

I bought the suede 7 speed a week ago, couldn't be happier. I'm in my early 50's (female), but with considerable arthritis, so riding wasn't too comfortable. Now, with this bike, I can ride for hours without a problem.
My husband also decided he wanted a new bike, but after comparing the Giant Suede with the Electra Townie, he decided the Townie was the better of the two (I agree).
Can't go wrong with either bike.