Friday, March 14, 2008

Swobo Sanchez

Swobo Sanchez. Available at Bike Rack with front brake for $625.

There's a lot online about the Sanchez and Swobo generally:

Bike Evangelist on Swobo's Street Bikes.

More about Swobo:

Mtbr: The Swobo Story.

Crooked Cog podcast: An interview with Swobo's Tim Parr.

2008 Specs:

Frame: Butted CroMo (sizes: 46, 50, 53, 55, 57, 60, 62 cm)
Color: Galvanized
Handlebar: Alloy, 30mm rise
Brakes: Not included
Crankset: Truvativ Touro, 48T
Chain: KMC, white
Fixed Cog: 16T
Hubs: Swobo high flange, nutted and flip-flop
Rims: Alex 28 hole
Tires: Continental UltraSport, 700 x 23c
Saddle: Swobo, w/ custom bottle opener
Pedals: Wellgo, 1-piece resin
No Rack & fender eyelets

If you have any feedback on the Swobo Sanchez, please leave a comment.


Aidan said...

How about the Salsa Casseroll Single? This bike's frame is designed without limitations. I an done with bikes that don't let me reconfigure.

You want to have a fixed/free hub? Sure, add a fixed cog.

You want a derailer and gears? Put them on the derailer hanger and use the cable braze-ons.

You want a hub gear? No problem: 130mm rear spacing.

Fat tires and fenders? Up to 37mm, or 32mm with fenders.

Did I mention that the frame is steel, and they have begun shipping it with a chainguard?

Anonymous said...

this bike is without braze-ons and derailleur hangers because it's meant to do what it's built to do. and the people buying it use it the way it's built.

idiots like you who buy a bike without knowing what they want are the ones who need excess things like cable stops on a fixie frame and rack mounts on a bike that will never have a rack haha

this bike doesn't have rack brazeons or dropout eyelets because it's not that type of bicycle. it does have a flip flop hub.

and people who really want a specific product will usually build it up from a frame themselves. like me. I've built all 14 of the bikes I currently own and the other thousand working in the shop. and I bought them all because they were what I want

steel is a super positive yes. but aluminum is what they designed this one to have and for the look and ride-ability that it gives this it's spot on PERFECT.

so go ride your salsa you only-owned-one-bike-in-my-life idiot and stop telling people they should buy your one piece of equipment because you have no experience on anything else.

Freewheel said...

Anon: If you can't express your opinion without calling another commenter an idiot, then this is not the place for you. Comments like this one will be deleted in the future.

Anonymous said...

I just recently purcchased a Swobo Sanchez 46cm for my niece. It well built and so light weight, like 22 lbs. It come with a flip flop hub which you have it fixed gear or free wheel. I read a lot of reviews before purchased the Swobo. It is true that you need to do a little more research before you purchase anything. I am not a biker, at all. But I learned a lot by chatting online retailer customer service. The Swobo Sanchez is like riding a BMW. Very smooth but you gotta know how to control. This bike is pretty much for advance bike rider.